Your Case Deserves Dedicated Advocacy


  • Mike Lubin worked on a very prolonged and complex real estate transaction that took over 5 years to complete. He advised me regarding contractual and environmental regulations, securing another environmental lawyer and an environmental consultant as the case progressed.

    The cased dragged on because the sellers tried to renege on their contractual obligations to sell and delayed the environmental cleanup process. Despite the barrage of their tactics and that of their lawyer, we won the case and the building was purchased. Unfortunately, it did not end there. It turned out that the seller's lawyer stole the escrow monies, which was found out when that lawyer unexpectedly died a few months after the purchase went through.

    Mr. Lubin pursued through the courts to secure this escrow at his own expense through an NJ Fund set up for this type of situation. This took about 2 years to receive the funds from the State of NJ. Mr. Lubin followed up on the payment, dispersing it according to the court's final rulings.

  • Mike Lubin reminds me of a pit bull. I envision that once a pit bull gets his teeth into something, he doesn't let go. Mike became totally involved in my problem and after a short while, he knew the facts and dates of the case better than I did. No matter what the other side came up with, Mike was immediately ready with a counter.

    He probably still remembers the details because my problem became his problem. His dedication and determination gave my wife and me great comfort, while at the same time his knowledge and skills represented us successfully. And to top it all off, Mike Lubin is a gentleman and I am proud to write about him. I recommend him, without reservation, for any legal difficulties you might encounter.

  • Both my husband and I would like to say when people get awarded for superior service they earn five stars. In our book, Mr. Michael I. Lubin, Esq. would receive TEN! Mike Lubin is one in a million. He represented us in a legal matter in 2006, and was an advisor, confidant, counselor and was there for us with any answer we needed, the advice we needed as well as always being with us in court and at depositions. Mr. Lubin will never give up on you.

  • We were very pleased with the service provided by Mr. Michael Lubin, Esq. in a very complex case a few years ago. We certainly would recommend him without any reservations.

  • Mike Lubin is the man. When we had to prepare for our case; he set us at ease and broke down the case in minutes. All our questions that we felt were monumentally turned out to be small and of no consequence. In court he had no peer; it was like watching 60 minutes when the person being interviewed wasn't prepared. He was relentless. For the Church and me personally, he is the only one we call for help. Thanks, Mike

  • Monica and I felt extremely comfortable and confident that we had someone to represent us with our matter, someone we could trust to walk us through our case with complete understanding and minimal stress from the anxiety of the lawsuit. Thank you again for your support and guidance which helped us to successfully resolve the matter.