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Land Use Litigation

Hackensack Land Use Litigation Lawyer

The duty of a planning board or zoning board is to review and authorize the development of property within its jurisdiction while adhering to certain standards as laid out by the community. Those standards can include:

• Limitations on how tall a structure may be within a certain area

• Whether or not commercial or residential development is allowed

• The types of businesses that may be allowed to establish themselves within a commercial zone

Determinations by planning boards or zoning boards regarding how particular parcels of land can be used are essential to the orderly development of a community. However, these decisions can be disputed by other parties such as other landowners. These disputes can consume precious time and financial resources.

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Attorney Mike Lubin can guide and assist you in either challenging or defending a board's determination involving the use of property. Mike has represented planning boards, zoning boards and municipalities involving challenges to development decisions and has represented individuals and families objecting to such decisions. His experience can prove invaluable in any lawsuit where a party seeks to challenge and reverse or to uphold a board's determination.